Shift applies its expertise in cyber security, networking and virtualization to remove technical burdens from your business, allowing it to focus on its unique challenges. Traditionally, businesses had to develop expertise in all areas of the IT ecosystem, from managing infrastructure, to deploying applications and handling authentication and authorization of users. With the addition of each new layer of technology, the barrier to entry for a new business is raised. Cyber security threats and the skills required to preempt them are growing rapidly. Shift eliminates the need for individual businesses to tackle this complexity in-house.

Cloud Complexity

As more organizations seek cost and energy efficiencies by moving their systems and applications to the cloud, infrastructure and data are shifted outside their physical control, increasing both the threat of compromise and dependence on the solution provider. With appropriate security measures to allow access only to authorized users, this migration can be managed safely and securely. In today’s environment, choosing a strong cloud provider is more important than ever. Shift’s cloud solutions value encryption and threat detection as much as reliability and efficiency. This integration further reduces the complexity required to switch to a cloud platform without compromising the transparency expected from an in-house solution.

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Authentication Challenges

Weak user validation and low-grade encryption are the primary factors leading to system compromise, costing companies money and reputation. These compromises are often the result of poor procedures that stem from an incomplete understanding of the security ecosystem. Shift delivers a full suite of rapidly deployable authentication services to validate and verify your users. Going beyond superficial email verification, Shift’s credentials positively determine real identities, customized to your organizations needs and required assurance level. Shift’s approach enables your company to quickly leverage this advanced protection within new and existing applications.

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